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The Ghost and the Golden Keys 
The magical Stone of Wishes lies hidden in the Castle of Hundred Towers, where the corridors are locked with heavy doors. The heroes need to find the matching golden keys to open them. Unfortunately, a tricky ghost tries to prevent it and steal as many keys as he can. If he gains more keys than the mighty heroes, he is going to win the game. …but if the heroes cooperate and make wise decisions together, they can surely outsmart him and get to the Stone of Wishes first.

  • Description
  • from 5 years
    for 1-4 players
  • Duration
  • 15 minutes
  • Size
  • box: 21x21 cm
    castle: 20 cm
    doors: 7 cm
    figures: 7 cm
  • Contents
  • 1 castle, 12 doors
    4 knight, 1 ghost
    7 golden keys, 2 dice

Multi-language game rules in PDF