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In the Garden 
In our fairy-tale garden, seeds sown in the spring grow into beautiful, tall trees by the autumn. You, little gardener, are invited into this garden to help make this happen! The seeds, saplings and trees need lots of sunshine and constant watering to be able to grow. Be careful to always have enough water and use up all your stock before the dark clouds hide the sun away. Exciting tactical game for kids and adults with competitive and cooperative version.

  • Description
  • from 5 years
    for 4 players
  • Duration
  • 15 minutes
  • Size
  • box: 21x21 cm
    board: 30x30 cm
    trees: 3-8 cm
    figures: 7 cm
  • Contents
  • 1 game board
    1 sun, 8 clouds
    4 character, 4 trees
    4 seeds, 4 samplings
    24 water drops
    1 spinning arrow

Multi-language game rules in PDF