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Recycled - Many of our items are made from discarded materials, which we recycle into new products. As well as the environmental advantages this brings, it also gives the products a unique appeal. We use a minimal amount of packaging on our products.

handmade - With the exception of some printed goods, all of Marbushka's own products are made by hand. Hand-made products carry many benefits - each product is unique, quality is high, traditional skills are maintained, and there is less impact on the environment

organic - We are using only organic materials: paper, wood, canvas. It is our aim to introduce only organics into the range and we are working closely with our suppliers to achieve this. We use natural fabrics throughout our range, and the German AURO dyes in our toys have been tested to meet the strictest safety standards.

fairtrade - Marbushka toys are made locally in Hungary. Our partners, suppliers, manufacturers and retailers are primarily small, family-run businesses. All of Marbushka's products are made in sweatshop-free conditions.