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Janka s Vacation 
Janka dreamed of a special vacation. She browsed the advertisements: "Boring, boring, ...they're all boring!" she muttered. She searched for weeks until she found one that finally caught her interest. It read: "A trip to ancient Egypt? Or a vacation in the court of the Sun King? You can have both! Come stay with us, we guarantee your comfort in any era!" Janka knew that this was the one! ...and she started packing right away. From the outside, the hotel seemed completely normal, and nothing extraordinary happened until they led her to her room.
This is the beginning of Janka’s tale in her third edition. If you want to know the end of the story, join her and discover the mysterious rooms one by one in the Hotel.
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  • Description
  • from 3 years
  • Size
  • box: 28x19x5 cm
    doll: 20 cm
  • Contents
  • 1 doll
    1 coat
    1 dress
  • Material
  • hardwood and textile
  • Manufacturing
  • painted by hand
    manual wood turner

Janka's picture book (pdf)